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March 15, 2012



This morning, voting inaudibly, while being drown out by protestors calling out, “I pledge to protect the Susquehenna,” and “Illegitimate vote,” the SRBC approved permits for dozens of water withdrawals amounting to billions of gallons of fresh water for fracking.

The SRBC is irresponsibly escalating and accelerating a dangerous toxic extraction process which has already sickened and killed people and animals due to exposure to these deadly industrial chemicals.  

“With no cumulative impact statement, and no health impact assessment, fracking must not move forward in the Susquehanna river basin.  Forty organizations have called for these illegitimate water withdrawals to cease, at least until a cumulative impact study is done.  The SRBC must begin to do its job.” said Iris Marie Bloom one of the testifiers who risked arrest for speaking out today. 

“It is patently in opposition to the charter of the Susquehanna River Basin Commission for it to approve any water withdrawals without a complete and cumulative analysis of the potential impacts from the use of this water to the health of citizens, animals and the river basin itself.  Approving any water withdrawals for an inherently dangerous and toxic practice like hydraulic fracturing isn’t what I would call “enhancing public welfare through comprehensive planning,” nor would I consider it “excellent service to the public.”  Shame on the SRBC.   Clearly they aren’t serving their stated purpose and we are left to assume they are serving something else entirely.  The people are clearly speaking, but who is listening?”, said David Braun from United for Action.    

“The voice of the people was strong today, but fell on the deaf ears of our government’s bureaucrats. Today was the vote that could not be heard,” said Lynne Iser of Protecting Our Waters.  

“Removing this much water permanently, as well as introducing toxins into the environment, cutting trees for roads and well-pads should be illegal, but it’s not.  Proceeding with these permits could mean a significant loss of life within the basin.  Unfortunately, our government watchdogs, the ones who are supposed to be protecting us, are turning a blind eye and letting big business have its way”, said William Huston, Shaleshock Media.   

“Our water is our most valuable resource. We need it for agriculture and for life. Prostituting this precious resource for the profit of the gas companies is not in the best interests of our health and communities,” said Cynthia Campbell from Don’t Frack Sharon Springs. 

“President Obama must understand that he can’t allow the people of Pennsylvania to be poisoned by the fracking industry and expect to be elected,” said Alex Lortorto, another attendee of the hearing.

Ten protestors who disrupted the meeting all did so having been told that any verbal disruption would result in arrest. 

No arrests took place, but one activist, a mother of five, was scrutinized intensely when she stopped to drink from a water fountain. 

The protesters, while determined, remained peaceful and civil throughout the meeting.  


Press Contact:  Iris Marie Bloom

Protecting Our Waters

PH: 215-840-6489




3 Comments leave one →
  1. Karin/wildflower permalink
    March 15, 2012 5:35 pm

    This is SAD news…when will people stop thinking they are the center of the universe and recognize that nature is not merely a backdrop for their narcissistic and self-centered lives?!?

  2. Paul permalink
    March 15, 2012 5:37 pm

    Hard to blame Obama for decisions made by local corrupt representatives. As it is, the Republicans in Congress have effectively neutered this President. The only hope for any change is to re-elect Obama and regain control of both the House. A super majority in the Senate would realy help too.

  3. March 15, 2012 5:46 pm

    NOOOOOOO! How can FORTY organizations outcries of opposition (as well as countless individuals) just be ignored??? Fresh water is a valuable resource that shouldn’t even be CONSIDERED for use for fracking, a practice that CONTAMINATES our drinking water!!!!

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